I couldn’t launch a space like this without thanking all those people who have made my personal and professional career possible.


To my parents, the pillar of my life.


Thanks to them, today I am the woman you are meeting on this website.


Unfortunately, they are no longer here with me, but they are always present in my heart.


Thanks also to all my family and friends for their unconditional support, for their encouragement, for always being there.


Especially, my brother Francesc with whom I share the love for cooking, a love gifted to us by our mother, a woman of big heart, and a great cook.


To my aunt Griselda, who at 91 years old, is an example of how to overcome the impossible, still maintaining an energy and a desire to live that is contagious.


To my cousin Francesc for our many talks, laughs and shared affection.


To my family in Houston, Chris Mouton and Laura Vollentine, even though you are far away, I always feel very close to you through your love, support and excellent advice.


To my unconditional friends Belén, Concepción, Maite, Mireia and Raquel, who are always with me sharing my ups and my downs. Thanks for all those years we’ve already shared years and for those that are yet to come.


Thanks, especially, to Mireia. Thank you for sharing so much and for your unconditional help, always.


To my friends from India.


To Margot and Mambo for giving me so much love every day.


To Eka Oniani and Sara Wazaan, for their support and friendship.


I also appreciate the selfless collaboration of SEMPREPA DE DEBO, ROIG PRODUCTES CARNICS, THE ROVELL DE L’OU, BACALLA I OLIVES BLAI SALAMANCA and PEIXATERIES MANERO and the “MERCAT DE SAGRADA FAMILIA” for their effort in always offering top quality fresh products and giving us a warm and friendly treatment.


THANK YOU to all my clients from all over the world Meg Therese, Leo, Luis Nasim, Patricia, Carmen, Manuel, Mary di Sarro, Erika, Sergio Napoli, Angelo Marzano, Matilde Reyes, Leira Odracir Cathy Fevold, Cathy Schimd, Doina Bird, Marco Paredes, Nan Hahn, Eric Butkus & Family, Kevin & Family, Patti Lukas & Family, Sara Larsson, Ben Holbrook, etc … THANK YOU, THANK YOU for coming as guests and leaving as true friends!


To Pega Medical in Canada for trusting me with their catering, and to Alpitour World for hiring my services for a Paella workshop in Barcelona for 80 American students.


And last but not least, Iván Jiménez, a great photographer and an even better person, for being a great professional, for making my project today what you see: beautiful!


The road has not been easy, nobody said it would be, but today after all the effort, dedication and affection of all those named, here we are!


I’m filled with great enthusiasm and eager to move forward and discover what awaits us!


Thank you so much everyone!!!

Teresa Hergé

And to you, new entrepreneur:


I want to dedicate this text to you, because by sharing what we feel we help each other.


“Life is a kind of roller coaster, vast and crazy. It starts slowly, it fills you with expectation and curiosity. It elevates you and then pushes you flying down just to get you up quickly, again. We laugh until it hurts, we cry until we break inside. We go through moments when we want to stop the clock and we’d like everything else to end, but the march continues. Somehow, we think that success is linear, an ascending line. All those we admire have ups and downs. The Universe is always changing, we are always changing, but we want to remain the same. We settle for security, without realising that a flat lifeline means we are dead. Life has ups and downs, a straight and continuous line means death. Every time I think about this, I think about myself. I think that, the life seen in a graph would be represented as lines that go from top to bottom with a continuous movement. This is living. A straight and continuous line is not. In the journey of life, we ​​go through pain and pleasure. There will be sun and rain. There will be loss and gain, but we have to learn to overcome and move forward, again and again. Don’t judge the moment. Don’t try to resist because it will keep pushing you forward. And remember, this morning, if you’re healthy, you’re happier than the million people who will not survive this week. If there is food in your fridge, shoes on your feet, clothes on your body, a bed to sleep on and a roof over your head, you are richer than 75% of the people in the world. And if you have a bank account, money in your wallet or coins in a jar, you are among the 8% of the richest persons in the world. We cannot avoid ups and downs, but we can change the way we see them. Because as Wayne Dyer said: “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at will change.”