I’m Teresa, an enthusiastic cook from Barcelona. Here we have everything, beautiful coast, mountains, wonderful climate, amazing food and friendly people. I have been all over the world and it’s always nice to meet people and the best thing is share and enjoy a good meal with them. So I want to show you food from where I grow up, Barcelona. My Mum was the person who gave me my love of cooking; after that, the world, life and travel, did the rest.


They say that the taste for cooking is inherited. If so, I was predestined to have a cooking school in Barcelona. When I was very young, I enjoyed watching how my mother and my grandmother - both of them great cooks -, prepared the natural ingredients that had just been bought in the market. As I watched, I admired how they made cannelloni or caramelized the sugar of the Crema Catalana!


I always knew I wanted to be like the women in my family. I longed for a house full of friends, family and people from other countries and wanted to share my table with all of them! So I decided to train in one of the best Culinary Schools in the world, the Hofmann School where I obtained: an Intensive Cooking Cert, Advanced Cooking Cert and Specialised Cooking Cert in Rices and Pastry. With those tools, all I needed was to start sharing my gastronomic experiences with the world!


I had the passion, I had the training, now I had to find a way to share my culture through its traditional food! Step by Step, opportunities opened. Over time, I started developing my gastronomic experiences and cooking classes for locals and foreigners alike. The success was resounding from the first day and had very positive feedback! All my guests talked about my enthusiasm and commented how generous I was with information, with my time and with my secrets!