Taste the Amazing Flavors of Paella
and Tapas in Barcelona

Discover Authentic Flavors in a
Beautiful and Exclusive Experience


Hands on Cooking


Become a chef for a day!

Learn the secrets of Catalan gastronomy, discover the stories behind our recipes, and enjoy an informative, enjoyable and very entertaining cooking class!

A Visit to the market

and a Cooking Class

Join me to the fascinating and traditional market of the Sagrada Familia!

Together, we’ll buy all the freshest ingredients needed to cook a delicious paella, tapas and the region’s star dessert: Crema Catalana!

We’ll have an unforgettable
time cooking an authentic Paella!
Home Cooking Experience

Love towards our guests: that’s the key
ingredient of all good home cooking!

In my classes you’ll learn how to combine the freshest ingredients to create different types of Paella.

Teresa Hergé